Made in Britain, Remade in H…

Class: Thursday, 13.30-15  room 2.07

Office hours:?

Assessment: 50% participation, homework assignments; 50% analytical note due end of May

Throughout history artists have borrowed elements from earlier works for use in new cultural contexts and applying new technologies. This class focuses on one particular example of such borrowings: Hollywood remakes of British films, filmmakers, and TV series, providing you with an insight into British cinema, Hollywood film, new media and cultural studies. Why do remakes have such a bad reputation? Are they a relatively new phenomenon? We will analyse recent critical discourse on remakes as well as look at a few case studies from a range of theoretical perspectives.

Week 1: introduction, Inland Empire, British cinema, Hollywood cinema; Death at a Funeral credit sequences – analysis

Week 2: screening UK Death at a Funeral 

Homework: Watch US Death at a Funeral

Week 3: Remaking humour part 1: Death at a Funeral – discussion

watch clip 1

posters Death at a Funeral 1

Homework: read 1) Intro from Remakes and Remaking: Concepts-Media-Practices (electronic book in the library) 2) copy on British Cinema 3) find out if Death and a Funeral 2x are in symbiotic or parasitic relationship?;

Week 4: Remake in theory. Death at a Funeral discussion. The Office TV series introduction.

Handout Remake Handout 1, Remake Handout 2

Homework: half a group watches the US then UK office, and the other half the other way round

Week 5: Remaking humour part 2: The Office 2x

Week 6: Remaking humour part 2: The Office 2x

The Office – summary Brent vs Scot -2Vc5QJ1

watch clip 1, clip 2, clip 3 ; watch clip 4 ; clip 5

read Ricky Gervais on the difference between US and UK Office here

Homework: watch Alfie 1 & 2

Week 7: Remaking Caine: Alfie 1& 2

examine Alfie Posters

view critics’ top 100 greatest films (2012)

view directors’ top 100 greatest films (2012)

view the most recent list of the top 50 greatest films ever made (2016)

Week 8: Remaking Caine part 2: Alfie 1& 2

Week 9: screening The Wicker Man

Homework: watch the remake of The Wicker Man

Week 10: Remaking horror? The Wicker Man

Week 11: The Lady Vanishes (in class)

Homework: watch Flightplan, finish watching The Lady Vanishes

Week 12: Secret remake? Flightplan

Homework: 1) watch Psycho 1 and 2; 2) find one positive and one negative review of Psycho remake – respond to them critically (which one do you agree with and why?); 3) read pp. 58- 76 from Constantine Verevis’s Film Remakes (available as an electronic book in our library)

Week 13: Homage to Hitchcock: shot-for-shot Psycho 1 & 2

Week 14: Homage to Hitchcock: shot-for-shot Psycho 1 & 2

Suggested topics:

  • remaking auteurs

  • remaking cult movies, genres

  • remakes as sites for revisionist meanings

  • remakes vs. re-adaptations or updates

  • remakes in paratexts: DVDs, trailers, posters, etc.

  • remakes as parasite or symbiosis

  • remakes as a parody or hommage

  • the role of technology in the evaluation of the remake: blogging, user comments, amateur remakes, fanvids, mash-ups, recut trailers, etc.

  • originality, authorship, ownership

  • cross-cultural remakes

Suggested titles: Inland Empire, The Lady Vanishes, Flightplan, Alfie, The Wicker Man, Psycho, Death at a Funeral, The Office

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