II MA Film Culture

to study the cinema: what an absurd idea!Christian Metz

class: Friday: 10-11.30 room 2.53 or 11.45-13.15 room 2.07

office hours: Thursday 12.30-13.30 and Friday 15-16 room 4.15

Assessment: participation 50% (you need to take an active part in the class and prepare 3 discussion points for each film and article);  group/individual projects 50% (alternatively a short analytical note – 2000 words by 29th January)

Week 1 What is film culture? 25 reasons why it’s all over – discussion

Week 2 no class (Rector’s Day)

Week 3 Production: screening  What Just Happened? (2008)

Week 4 no class (Experiment conference)

Homework: finish watching What Just Happened? (2008)

Week 5 Production – discussion; reading fragments from William Goldman’s Adventures in the Screen Trade; Michael Deeley’s My Life in Cult Movies

interview with Michael Deeley here and here

Homework: 1) watch Rosemary’s Baby; 2) read Ch. 2 on mise-en-scene from  Understanding Movies 9th Edition

Week 6 Rosemary’s Baby – discussion, mise-en-scene analysis

Homework: watch a documentary about making Rosemary’s Baby

Week 7 Auteurs – discussion, RB – mise-en-scene – exercises

Week 8 Actors – discussion, case studies

Week 9 Actors – discussion

Homework: 1) Read Ch. 3 from Reinventing Cinema

Week 10 Audiences: from Psycho to Netflix


The Exorcist

Star Wars

Week 11 Projects

Week 12 Projects

Week 13 Projects

Week 14 Projects, Summary