II MA Film Culture

to study the cinema: what an absurd idea!Christian Metz

Class group 1: Monday 13.30-15.00 room 2.53

Class group 2: Monday 17-18.30 room 2.07

office hours: Thursday 16.45-17.30 room 4.15

Assessment: projects 50%;  attendance 50%

Week 1 What is film culture? 25 reasons why it’s all over

Homework: read 25 reasons why it’s all over

Week 2 no class: Rector’s day

Week 3 screening Punch-Drunk Love

Homework: Read about three styles: classical, formalistic and realistic and about shots, and angles etc. in Chapter 1 in Understanding Movies 9th Edition

Week 4 25 reasons why it’s all over – discussion; Styles – discussion; canon formation:

check this out

top 50 films of all time here; critics’ top 100 here; directors’ top 100 here

eating 1; eating 2, eating 3; eating 4

shots and angles  

Punch-Dunk Love shots and angles

Homework 2: read Ch. 2 on mise-en-scene in  Understanding Movies 9th Edition

Week 5 Mise-en-scene – discussion

mise-en-scene general examples

Homework 1: Read: Classical Hollywood Cinema: Narrational principles and procedures by David Bordwell –Hollywood cinema, narrational principles

Week 6 no class

Week 7 Classical Hollywood cinema – discussion; fragments of  What Just Happened? (2008); Screenplays – discussion; movie cliches – discussion

Restricted narration – Rosemmary’s Baby; Taxi Driver


Omniscient narration

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania film narrative

Homework: Read Auteur theory film studies introduction and collaborative theory by William Goldman

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania film narrative structure

Week 8 Auteurs

Homework: Read Star Studies

Week 9 Actors

The world’s highest paid actors 2017

actresses 2017

The world’s highest paid actors2018

shooting at stars

shooting at stars 2

Homework: 1) Read Ch. 3 from Reinventing Cinema

Week 10 Audiences: from Psycho to Netflix


The Exorcist

Star Wars

Week 11 Projects

Week 12 Test/Projects